The Big Bash of T20

Every youngster possesses the passion of sports. But when we are talking about cricket, age is certainly no bar. You can see kids, teenagers, adults or elders all just loving this sport. The addiction of this game is just amazing. A few years back, a new format was introduced in cricket that was Twenty20.
      Excitement and thrill of this format are really amazing to watch. In Twenty 20 matches each team is supposed to bowl twenty over each, so right from the first ball of the match, big shorts are on the card. This format became a literal hit among the people due to entertainment and the fast pace of the game, so various leagues came up to cash in on, the craze of the people.

 In the year 2011, cricket Australia took a leaf out of the book from BCCI (Board Of Control For Council in India) and started big bash tournament. Actually, BCCI had started IPL (Indian Premier League) in 2008 which became extremely popular not only in India but throughout the world. Today, big bash league (BBL) has blossomed into a world famous Twenty 20 tournament that is followed by every cricket lover. 

This tournament has been successful and has been able to catch the attention of the public globally. If you ask any Australian about big bash then you will simply hear that it’s about chilled beer, delicious barbecue and watching enthralling BBL matches.


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