Overview of WrestleMania

However you thought of the show, WrestleMania 33 was about one story, one narrative: the end of The Undertaker’s illustrious professional wrestling career. All the signs were there. Jim Ross came in, ostensibly to announce his final match. Its position as the main event, and not either of the men’s championships. That Roman Reigns defeated him clean in the middle, and the tradition of losing your final match on the way out.

It was an ugly main event, to be sure, but all of that was forgotten when Taker left his glove, coat and hat in the center of the ring, then sunk down into the ramp with one fist aloft, disappearing into the underworld forever. The last 10 minutes of the show featured no commentary, just his funereal entrance music and the image of a visibly choked-up Mark Calloway leaving—quite literally—his career in the squared circle.

I don’t know you can say WrestleMania 33 was even a thumbs-in-the-middle show. It was long and exhausting to watch at home, even from the comfort of my couch. Match quality-wise, there were moments, but nothing that would win match-of-the-year in a 2017 poll. Surprises were kept to a minimum, most notably, the return of Matt and Jeff Hardy. There were no heel turns, no crazy bump, no disputed finishes. It was about as straight forward of a pro wrestling show as you could present, albeit, with the most spectacular staging effects yet.

But really, it didn’t matter. It was about one man, whose career many thought was over 20 years ago, but kept on competing and giving pro wrestling enthusiasts some of our greatest in-ring memories.

All you heard from the crowd was a rolling chant of “Thank you, Taker.” Thank you indeed, The Undertaker, and Godspeed.


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